Best Daily Ever Pixie Sticks (Kids)

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Delicious, Immunity-Boosting Pixie Sticks (Now available in KID-SIZE SERVINGS). Protect Your Family’s Health with the Power of Glutathione, Vitamins D3 and C, Zinc, Magnesium, and Glycine for a Comprehensive Health Boost.

  • Health Benefits: Strengthen your immune system, amplify your natural beauty, fuel your brainpower, reduce inflammation, promote clear breathing, harmonize your hormones, enhance your skin’s radiance, stabilize your mood, balance brain chemistry, supercharge metabolism, and fine-tune your athletic performance.
  • All-Ages Friendly: Suitable for kids (full KID SIZE stick daily) and for adults (one to two KID SIZE sticks daily) – perfect for family wellness.
  • Tastes Like Candy: Enjoy the natural, mouthwatering taste of our Fruit Punch Pixie Sticks.
  • Nutritional Facts: Each packet contains Setria® Glutathione, Vitamins D3 and C, and other health-boosting components (full ingredients list below)

Researched and formulated by Dr. Gina L. Nick, celebrity doctor, glutathione authority, and author of The Power of Glutathione, Best Daily Ever PIXIE STICKS feature a special, clinically-researched form of Setria® Glutathione. This unique blend supports immune health, hormone balance, detoxification, and healthy aging. Maintain optimal glutathione levels and overall well-being with daily consumption, especially when combined with vitamin C, making it a recommended dietary supplement for its antioxidative action.

This product contains 21 packets. Suggested daily usage: 1 packet for children and 1-2 packets for adults.

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Fruit Punch: Estimated Ship Date: February 2024 (PRE-ORDER NOW), Rose Lemonade: Estimated Ship Date: March 2024 (IN PRODUCTION)


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